TDP Gunda’s attack

Godavari: In Undrajuvari Palem, Maruthi Village of the district TDP
leaders and activists have created horrendous environment. They have
attacked the house of local YSRCP Society President Narendra with swords
and sticks. These TDP gundas approximately 200 in number have
surrounded the house of Narendra, blocked all the exits and mercilessly
beaten Narendra and his family members. In this incident Narendra and
his father both were injured on head and had fractures on legs. The
YSRCP has seriously condemned this horrendous attack and expressed
anguish that there is no safety for the party leaders and activists in
the State.

MLC Meka Seshubabu was furious on TDP leader’s gangsterism. He said that
it is quite a cruel act to attack the house of Narendra and threaten
his family members. It is very unfortunate that because we questioned
the illegal actions of TDP like sand mafia, corruption and anarchic
activities they have attacked us. So many Governments have ruled before
but never before such incident happened, he said. He demanded that the
convicts be arrested and justice done to the victims. He cautioned the
Police to see that this type of events does not occur again.

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