TDP goondaism at its peaks in Proddutur

Proddutur: The TDP leaders again created utter chaos in Poddutur during municipal chairman election on Sunday. The municipal chairman election was postponed for the second time with TDP councilors resorted to attacking and damaging the furniture in the hall in the fear of losing the election. 
The TDP councilors created ruckus in the hall and made sure that the election was postponed for the second time on Sunday. 
Even the election officials and police were remain silent when the TDP councilors resorted to the blatant rowdism. 
They tried to physically attack the YSRCP councilors after damaging the furniture in the hall. 
They went a step ahead and also threatened YSRCP councilor Muktiyar to withdraw from contesting for the post of Poddutur municipal chairman. YSRCP Poddutur MLA Rachamallu Prasad Reddy protested against the goondaism by the TDP councilors. 
The YSRCP MLA alleged that the government brutally murdered democracy and all this happened at the behest of  Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh.
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