Is TDP in favaour of Spl. Status or not? asks Roja

As Chandrababu is leaving to Delhi in rush, YSRCP is asking 10 questions  to him on behalf of people. The peoples party fighting on behalf of the people, the YSRCP is demanding Babu to answer these questions. This questionnaire was asked by the Party representative, MLA Roja in a press conference.  

1. Chandrababu Naidu is completely screwed up in Cash for vote scam. Now, what is the reason for going to Delhi. To manage his CM position?

2. Are you towards or against the special status? (Because, while state Ministers say about the special status, the central Ministers say that there is no special status )

3. Do we get special status or not? If you do not get the special status, do your party be away from the Center? Do you ask the BJP ministers to move away?

4. Since the beginning you claim  and have endorsed for the federalism. Do you still bound to the same or not?

5. The promises in bifurcation Act are not implemented since 6 months.  Why don't you demand for implementation on the Central government and put pressure on it?

6. The minimum support price is not given to farmers. Why have you been silently supporting with very low increase of Rs. 50?

7. While the State is facing revenue deficit, and the Central government is not supporting the state with as needed resources, why are you not concerned about it?

8. Why are you suppressing the progress of Polavaram project?

9. How many times have you met the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi? How many proposals have you submitted? Can you release a white paper with that details. 

10. So, far 11 students committed suicide in Narayana Educational Institutions. Why are you not encouraging inquiry committee on this?

 The YSRCP demanded the government on behalf of people to answer these questions

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