TDP Corporator's Illicit Behaviour

Vijayawada: TDP leaders, having gained experience in illicit behaviour through Call Money sex racket, are behaving in the same way wherever they go. A case has been filed against Vijayawada West constituency corporator Ummadi Venkateswara Rao (aka Chantibabu) for misbehaving with a co-passenger on a flight. He made way it into controversy during his educational tour. Bheemudu, a security officer at Gannavaram airport took him into custody when a woman complained against him.

Inquiry was held for almost half an hour. As his fellow corporators took it to the notice of TDP leaders, they intervened and settled the situation. The team of corporators who went on educational tour on the 29th of last month started back from Delhi on last Friday. Some of them flew while some others took train. Chantibabu was seated beside a woman during his flight.
The woman later reported in the airport about Chantibabu's misbehaviour towards her. Owing to the orders issued by Air India security personnel, Gannavaram security wing jumped into action. They surrounded him immediately after the plane landed in the airport. The corporators were shocked with this unexpected event.To avoid further controversy, only Deputy Mayor Gogula Ramanarao stayed with Chantibabu and others left to take this issue to the notice of the TDP MLAs.
The MLAs then spoke to the airport security officers and helped Chantibabu go free. Another corporator's misbehaviour towards a woman on train in intoxicated state on the 30th of last month in Pune had become controversial. TDP leaders, though fed up with the behaviour of the corporators did not dare to even condemn their acts. Gannavaram airport officials had to face criticism for letting Chantibabu free due to political pressure. TDP corporators are becoming notorious by the day for their misbehaviour towards women.
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