TDP budget bogus

Hyderabad, March 11:
Terming as bogus, the 2016-17 State Budget which is on the lines of Vijaya
Mallya’s line of deceptive declarations, YSR Congress has said that Chief
Minister and Finance Minister have deceived the people with unrealistic figures
and leaving aside all the welfare schemes and the best practices of transparency.  

‘It is a very deceptive
method that the State has adopted by not giving the revised audited
estimates of the previous two budgets (2014-15 and 2015-16) but had just given a
list of figures against the set norms like what Vijaya Mallya had done to the
banks before fleeing the country,’ party MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy told
reporters here on Capital and Revenue Receipts did not change from the previous
two years and was shown as the same which raises many doubts and as the revised estimates of 2014-15 and
the eleven month period of 2015-16 were not placed and were shown as
same or were hidden. This makes the budget faulty and deceptive, he
said adding that Chandrababu Naidu owes an apology to the people on
this count. 

Though this is the third
budget after coming to power the promises made in the manifesto were not
taken into account and no mention was found in thebudget. The loan waiver
of farmers, DWACRA women finds no mention and there is no clarity on
how the farm loans which swelled from 87, 612 crores 

There were many other
promises like old age homes, Anna Canteens, nine hour power supply to
agriculture during day time, setting up of Market Stabilisation Fund with
Rs 5,000 crores, assuring MSP, allocation of funds to BCs, setting up of
agro-based industries, regularization of jobs, tablets to students, 20 litres
of water, free education from KG to PG, but none of these promises reflected in
the budget allocation.

As the Kapus were on the
warpath, the government has allocation Rs 1,000 crores instead of Rs
3,000 crores for the three years. Many other assurances like bullet trains,
land to tribals did not find any place in the budget, he added.


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