TDP Blames Others To Cover Up Its Failure

  • Do not take action against opposition MLAs
  • Babu's behaviour left deputy speaker in tears in the past
  • TDP members attacked the governor
  • Decision should bring honour to the privilege committee
  • Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy suggests the chairman
Hyderabad: Stating that smooth running of the assembly would be in the hands of the speaker, YSR Congress Legislative Party floor leader, Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy remarked that the speaker was blaming the opposition party leaders to cover up his failure. Speaking to the media after the privilege committee meeting ended on Saturday, Peddireddy informed that he had suggested in the meeting not to take any action against the opposition leaders. He stated that the MLAs who had received notices issued by the committee, had presented themselves and given explanation.

Peddireddy mentioned that he had reminded in the meeting about behaviour of TDP leaders in the past, how Chandrababu's behaviour had brought tears to deputy speaker Kuthuhalamma and Alapati Dharmarao and how certain TDP leaders had attacked the governor.

The privilege committee issued notices to 12 MLAs of YSRCP for insisting on discussion about special category status in the house. The committee assembled five times to discuss the incidents that had happened in the recent 3-day session. Opining that today's could be the last meeting, Peddireddy stated that he had suggested to the chairman of the committee against taking action on the summoned MLAs. He remarked that the decisions taken by the committee should bring honour to it.

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