TDP Attacks Officials For Not Cooperating With Their Robbery

Nellore: The yellow leaders are crossing their boundaries under the mask of power. They are assaulting the officials who are not cooperating in their robbery. In Dagadarthi Mandal of Potti Sriramulu Nellore district, revenue inspector Kamakshi was the victim of recent assault. As she rejected their appeal to change Government's lands to their name, they verbally and physically assaulted her. Mentioning they were the followers of TDP's district president Beeda Ravichandra, they threatened her for stating it was impossible to alter Government records. They had to be controlled by the other employees. Kamakshi burst into tears and stated that she would file cases against her attackers by the 13th of this month and cautioned that she would stage an indefinite hunger strike if action was not taken.

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