TDP And Congress Leaders Join YSRCP

Hyderabad: In flow of TDP and Congress party leaders into YSRCP has gained momentum. In the presence of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan, the leaders of respective districts joined YSR Congress Party. YS Jagan invited them into the party by decorating them with party scarves.

NSUI state leader Konda Rajiv Gandhi from Visakhapatnam quit Congress Party to join YSRCP. He met YS Jagan, accompanied by Gudiwada Amarnath, the party president of Visakhapatnam district and Kola Guruvulu and joined the party.
Valmiki from Ananthapuram district joined the party at the party's central office at Lotus Pond of Hyderabad under the supervision of leader Balaramudu. He extended his support to the fight launched by YSRCP against the atrocities committed by TDP. Coordinator of Raptadu constituency of Ananthapuram, Topudurthi Prakash Reddy supervised the joining of TDP leader of Ramagiri, Meenuga Nagaraju and Congress leader Venkatramudu in YSR Congress Party. YS invited all the new leaders into the party by decorating them with the party's scarves. 
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