TDP And BJP Will Have No Political Future

  • Promises made at the parliament and at Tirupati forgotten
  • MLAs condemn the central and the state Governments for ignoring special status
  • TDP and BJP will have to share the same fate as Congress
  • Confidence to achieve special status under the leadership of YS Jagan
  • AP: MLA of Adoni constituency, Sai Prasad Reddy complained that Chandrababu did not have commitment towards special status. He criticised that the central and the state Governments were together deceiving the people of the state by not sanctioning special status. He demanded that Chandrababu bade goodbye to the alliance with BJP. He also suggested that TDP came forward for a united fight for special status and bringing pressure on the centre in this direction. Sai Prasad Reddy cautioned that the people of the state were watching and would teach Chandrababu a lesson if special status was not brought.
    Party president of Kurnool district, Gowru Venkat Reddy reminded that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan had staged many protests, agitations and strikes for the special status and had taken it to the notice of the prime minister and the cabinet ministers. He mentioned that the state would flourish only with special status and confided that they would fight under the leadership of YS Jagan for achieving it.
    MLA Gowru Charitha Reddy slammed Chandrababu and BJP for forgetting that they had promised that special status would be given for 10 years and 15 years if they came to power respectively. She criticised them for misusing people's trust to earn votes. She specified that the state would find more industries and employment opportunities if special status was given. She commented that Chandrababu was worried about Amaravathi only with the view of pocketing thousands of crores of rupees. Charitha Reddy complained that Chandrababu was pushing the state's benefits aside by nodding to whatever BJP had to say.
     MLA Amzad Basha expressed his displeasure towards the deceptive rule of the central and the state Governments. He mentioned that YSRCP president YS Jagan was relentlessly fighting for special status in order to achieve special status for the state for the benefit of the youth. He stated fight would continue under the leadership of YS Jagan till the status was achieved. 
    MLA Korumutla Srinivasulu condemned Modi and Chandrababu for promising special status for the state with the witness of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati and forgetting all about it now. He commented that Chandrababu had mortgages the state for his personal benefit. He slammed Babu for spending crores of rupees on buying opposition MLAs. He cautioned Babu that he would have no political future if special status was not brought.
    MLA Rachamallu Prasad Reddy warned that Chandrababu would have no place in the history if he failed to bring special status to the state. He commented that Chandrababu was bidding the state's special status for his selfish politics. 
    Raghurami Reddy, the MLA of Mydukur, opined that just like Congress had lost existence by bifurcating the state, BJP and TDP also would lose existence by not realising promises made in bifurcation law.
    MLA Ravinder Reddy remarked that the central and the state Governments had ignored the promises made with the parliament and Tirupati as witnesses. He stated that Chandrababu had no commitment towards the benefit of the state and hence were passing time simply. He remarked angrily that the people of the state would put an end to TDP and dip it in Bay of Bengal.

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