TDP Is The Address Of Nayeem's Gangster Activities

  • Why is Babu not reacting about Nayeem's encounter?
  • Is AP Government not responsible for ordering inquiry on it?
  • Minister Achennayudu joined hands with Nayeem
  • CBI inquiry will reveal everything
  • Movie roducer Natti Kumar's sensational statements
Hyderabad: Cinema producer Natti Kumar made sensational statements that it was TDP that had nurtured gangster Nayeem all along in the united state of AP. He added that certain TDP leaders stood supportive of his atrocities. He mentioned that AP minister Kinjarapu Achennayudu had relations with Nayeem's gang and he joined hands with them in the matter of a power plant at Narsannapet in Srikakulam district. He dared that a CBI inquiry would bring the facts into light.
Natti Kumar confronted why Chandrababu had not been opening up about or ordering inquiry on Nayeem's encounter. Mentioning that Nayeem had held affairs from Vijayawada to North Andhra and Orissa. he complained that TDP leaders had close relations with him. 
Natti Kumar revealed that Nayeem's gang had tried to kidnap him two months earlier regarding a land controversy, but he could escape as he was alerted by a friend. When he met  minister Achennayudu on flight one day, he had told him about the issue and the minister, instead of helping him, suggested him to compromise with the gangster. Natti commented that Achennayudu held many affairs in North Andhra region with Nayeem's help.
TDP's 2-year long corruption is slowly surfacing now. The party's leaders have apparently been working closely with Nayeem's followers throughout the state and carrying out many atrocities, scaring people, or that is the word of the mouth. Natti Kumar's statements have now added to this. Natti Kumar demanded the CM to hold proper inquiry on Nayeem.

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