Take All-Party Team To Delhi For The Fight

Hyderabad: YSRCP's official representative Ambati Rambabu complained that Chandrababu Naidu being in the state and Venkaiah Naidu at the centre, together left the state devastated. He furiously commented that slowly denying the chance of special status provision was sheer deception. He spoke to the media in Guntur. He opined that Chandrababu was playing with the trust of the people of the state so that he could come out of the 'note for vote' case. Ambati demanded Chandrababu to withdraw his ministers from the cabinet and bid goodbye to BJP ministers in AP. He insisted that Chandrababu sincerely protested against the central Government in order to achieve special status. He suggested that Chandrababu went to Delhi accompanied by leaders of all parties including YSRCP to fight for special status. Ambati assured that YSR Congress Party was ready to come forward keeping in view the benefits of the state.

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