Swiss Challenge Through Backdoor Will Be Opposed

Hyderabad, Oct 27: YSR Congress has warned Chandrababu Naidu government of serious consequences if it tries to bring in the Swiss Challenge method through backdoor after the court has found the methodology faulty.

‘TDP has been trying to legalise the Swiss Challenge method and has brought in an Ordinance after withdrawing its appeal from a Division Bench in wake of the Single judge ruling that the method has been faulty,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Thursday. 

The Single Judge has given a 54-page verdict and was critical of the Swiss Challenge method when two affected parties have challenged the decision of TDP government to allot contracts to Singapore companies paying very high percentage of returns for the paltry stakes and the norms being set heavily loaded in favour of the foreign companies. 

Chandrababu Naidu who has brought in the services of the highest legal officials had appealed to the Division Bench challenging the single judge verdict but had suddenly made a U-turn and had withdrawn the appeal.

‘This does not mean that he has accepted the court ruling. Chandrababu Naidu has been hell bent on allotting the contracts to Singapore companies 
and has brought out an Ordinance in order to stand the legal scrutiny. But this will not stop the public scrutiny and we will take up the issue on behalf of the five crore people of the state as the capital formation has been running purely on a commercial proposition and real estate business,’ he said.

TDP has the history of putting on deaf ears the sane advice and on earlier occasion as well a senior IAS officer had objected to the 23 MoUs signed and 
the officer concerned was shifted to insignificant post. Later, the court had passed strictures and the MoUs had to be cancelled.

Pattiseema had benefitted only the contractors and the powers that be must have got their cut but the intended purpose was not served as the government always thinks in terms of commercial activity throwing welfare to the winds. 

Any amendment to the existing laws would be challenged on all fronts as we need a capital that would be beneficial to all and not a few companies and few persons and the issue would be fought tooth and nail, he said.
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