Survey Fabricated by KCR

  • TRS attempts to divert people's attention
  • People can notice KCR's lies
  • TYSRCP president Gattu
Hyderabad: TYSRCP president, Gattu Srikanth Reddy, complained the CM KCR made the governor utter many lies in the assembly budget sessions. In two separate statements, Srikanth Reddy and general secretary of the party, Konda Raghava Reddy, mentioned how it had been announced first that lakhs of jobs were vacant and only 3,500 jobs had been filled until now while 30,000 were were being claimed to have been filled.

They remarked that KCR had been whiling away with speeches full of lies during Telangana movement, election campaign, in the manifesto, in executive meetings, assembly sessions and occasions like Independence Day. Stating that people had realised the lies in the speeches and were waiting for the right time to retaliate, they exclaimed that fake surveys were being brought to picture in order to divert people's, MLAs' and political circles' attention from the lies mentioned in the governor's speech.

The leaders mentioned how the surveys had declared that if assembly elections were conducted right away, 101 seats of 119 would be won by TRS and calling it ridiculous, they said only 10 would actually reach TRS's pocket. Gattu reminded how it had been promised before Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation elections that 1.6 lakh double bedroom houses would be constructed but not a single house had been built after 99 corporator seats had been won.
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