Supreme Court Orders High Court To Complete Roja's Trial

New Delhi: Supreme Court ordered the High Court for the completion of inquiry on the petition filed about MLA RK Roja's membership in AP assembly by the end of the year, allowing a written explanation about this in two weeks. Supreme Court examined the petition filed by RK Roja on the inquiry going on in the High Court regarding her election from Nagari. It pushed aside the opponents' argument that her election had to be tried in the court. It also stated that the High Court had to complete the inquiry.
A Rayudu filed a petition in the High Court challenging Roja's election from Nagari. Roja appealed that the High Court had rejected her written explanation about the petition that the Election Commission had no eligibility to inquire and the petition had to be rejected. The High Court had stated that this application would be examined along with Rayudu's elections petition. So, RK Roja filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the High Court's decision, asking for the rejection of Rayudu's petition.
A jury bench with Justice Kurian Joseph and Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman tried this petition on Monday. The petitioner's lawyers V.Giri and Ramesh Allanki argued against the High Court's indifference towards their intermittent application and linking it with the principal petition and remarked that it was against regulations. The jury agreed with the argument and mentioned that the High Court's trial was faulty. It allowed the submission of written explanation for Rayudu's petition within two weeks. SC suggested that the petition on Roja's election had to be completed by the end of this year.

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