Strike For Special Railway Zone To Be Reinforced

Anakapalli: Arrangements are quickly being made for the strike that is going to be
held by YSRCP’s president of Visakhapatnam, Gudiwada Amarnath, demanding for
the special railway zone for Visakhapatnam. It has been decided that birth anniversary
celebrations of Dr.BR Ambedkar should be held at his statue in Visakhapatnam on
the 14th of April and a rally should start from there to the venue.
The party’s leaders assembled in Anakapalli to discuss the activities supportive
of the strike. On this occasion, leaders of YSRCP stated that TDP leaders were
least concerned about the issue of special railway zone. They suggested to the
activists of YSRCP the need for raising awareness among the people regarding
the necessity of the railway zone. Party leaders Janaki Ramaraju, Suribabu,
Gandhi, Jagan, Jajula Ramesh and Ratna Kumari participated in the meeting among

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