State's Growth Rate Unrealistic

Hyderabad, Dec 28: Coming down heavily on the TDP government for its inflated growth rate and fudging of figures, YSR Congress has said that such tall claims will fall flat as they do not have any supporting facts in terms of indicators of development.

‘The figures shown by state finance minister has no basis and his remarks on the Opposition are uncharitable and uncalled for,’ party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana told reporters here on Wednesday.

The growth rate of 12 % is just a mirage and the claims of finance minister have no weight as they are unrealistic and cooked up. Agriculture growth of  24% is just jugglery of figures and maize and corn production has always been on the higher side in the state. What we have stated is the slide in the extent of land under cultivation and the lack of concern of the state government.

‘The finance minister accusing us of ignorance shows his own ignorance of facts and he has claimed industrial growth after the partnership summit which was held in January this year. The Finance Minister went on to claim that 225 new industrial units have gone on steam and an investment of 99,000 crores has come into the state.

This is totally false and the state should give out a list of the new industries that have come up after the summit in which place and at what cost.

There is no data available as the investment sham is exposed many times and with such false and fudged figures the state is claiming 12 % growth rate while the national figure is just over half of it. What we have told has supporting documents and data which is indisputable.

We condemn the Finance Minister’s remarks on our Party and demand that he should get the figures right, he said.

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