State should be united, says Sharmila

Sept 9, 2013: Reiterating the demand to keep the state united, YSRCP leader Sharmila
has said the separatists have unleashed a reign of terror by attacking
Seemandhra people even before the State is divided and the situation would be
even worse after the bifurcation.  

a public meeting during her Samaikhya Sankaravam which rolled into
district here on Sunday, she said: “Even before the division has taken place
the separatists have attacked Seemandhra people and have been constantly
issuing threats which gives an account of what is in store for in the future.
Yet the Congress and TDP are going ahead with the bifurcation which our Party
strongly resists.”

people returning from Save Andhra Pradesh meeting held at
were attacked and the incident was
preceded by lawyers being beaten up in the High Court, open threats are being
hurled from Telangana leaders. All these incidents point towards the scenario
that Seemandhra people will be treated as second class citizens in the days to
come if the State is divided.

would be no safety to their lives and property and the attacks will increase
and they have to seek the permission of the Telangana leaders if they have to
visit the region. If this is the arrogance and state of affairs before the
bifurcation what will the situation be like if the division actually takes

Congress strongly demands the Centre to retain state united as it is unable to
do justice to both sides. Congress has undertaken the exercise to gain a few
seats in one region with the hope of pitch-forking Rahul Gandhi to the Prime
Minister’s seat.

it is sheer political reasons that are being considered by Congress to divide
the State, TDP leader N Chadrababu Naidu has given them the much needed boost
by agreeing to divide the State unconditionally.

the tide turned to the other side, he embarked on a Yatra in the Seemandhra
region. He should be questioned by the people as to where from he gathered the
courage to tour the region after giving a letter accepting the division
unconditionally,” she said.  

sharing and capital are main issues that would hamper the Seemandhra region if
the stat is divided as we get
Krishna water
only after the needs Maharastra and Karnataka are fulfilled. If another state
comes in between, Nagarjunsagar and Srisailam will have no water. Somosila and
other projects will be stalled and the region will turn a desert, she said.

the golden rule of YSR, she said he has not increased the tariff of power, did
not increase taxes but still could carry out the welfare schemes which have
benefitted every section of the society.

Congress government has done away with all his welfare schemes and has been
taking anti-people decisions.

conspiracy of Congress and TDP has kept YS Jagan Mohan Reddy away from the
people, but soon he will come out to usher in the welfare of YSR, she said.

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