Srikanth Reddy asks TDP to respect norms

Aug 5, 2014: Reiterating its demand of waiving all farm and women groups’ loans
without any pre-conditions, YSR Congress has said the TDP government has scant
respect for democratic norms and has been sidestepping the prime election
promises with irrelevant and incoherent remarks.  

Agriculture Minister Pulla Rao’s remark asking farmers to first clear the debts
only shows the bankruptcy of policy and lack of commitment by Chief Minister N
Chandrababu Naidu to waive agriculture loans even as the finance minister
boasts of a Rs 1 lakh crore budget” Party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told reporters
here on Tuesday.  

Bankers’ meet has pegged the agriculture loans at Rs 82,000 crores which should
be waived immediately along with the DWACRA loans as bankers are putting
farmers and women groups to inconvenience and treating them as defaulters
though they were carried away by the election promise of Chandrababu Naidu,
which he is failing keep it up after being elected, though with a small margin
of less than 2 % vote share.  

honouring the loan waiver promise only shows that Chandrababu Naidu has scant
respect for democratic norms and his cabinet colleagues speaking in different
voices is bereft of the conviction to keep up the poll promises, he said.  

promises given to farmers, women and students are yet to be fulfilled and the
budget session is slated later in the month. TDP government is not bothered
about the departmental standing committees as it seems to have no belief in
democratic norms.

committees are a cushion to ensure that there are no guillotines and the budget
is thoroughly discussed and debated. The Government is busy in searching for
ways to pool up finances and is shamefully thinking in terms of mortgaging live
red sanders trees and sand quarries though it is illegal to cut the trees and
carry out sand mining, he said.


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