Special Status Traded For Polavaram

Hyderabad, Sept 14: Chandrababu Naidu thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an indication that special status has been shelved in lieu of Polavaram project which is a total sell out, YSR Congress has said. Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday Party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana said the Polavaram contract being transferred to State has been a breach of the state reorganization act and it was bartered with special status and the state has lost on both counts.
Polavaram has been a Central project which it has promised to build after getting all clearances but it was taken by the state to pursue its commercial agenda. The shifting responsibility of completing Polavaram project from Centre to State has been a total sell out and Chandrababu Naidu thanking the Prime Minister for it shows that Chandrababu Naidu has been placing his personal agenda ahead of state interests.
Chief Minister deciding even the sub-contracts shows that the commercial elements enthuse the Chief Minister more than the state interests. The decision of shifting Polavaram from Centre to State comes close on the heels of Union Finance Minister rejecting the special status and announcing a package, which lacks exclusiveness to the state. This shows that compromise formula was worked out and the state interests took a beating, he said.
‘We are committed for special status and will carry forward the fight until we achieve the goal. We condemn the Chief Minister for his attitude of trading special status for Polavaram. There are irregularities galore in Polavaram as contracts were given even without calling for tenders,’ he said.
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