YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is staging a Dharna in demand for accordance of special status to Andhra Pradesh said Special status was a Solomon promise made on the floors of Parliament by everybody from BJP, Congress and TDP that’s now not adhered to What’s in question now is the credibility of the Parliament, he said and added that both Arun Jaitely and Venkaiah Naidu were in Parliament when Congress promised to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh and they in fact went one step ahead of congress and asked for accordance of special status for 10 years.

“How is it fare? I blame congress for not incorporating “Special status” in the Act and BJP for going back on its promise,” YS jagan said and added that this was a wrong done by all the parties”

Talking about 14 planning commission and its alleged suggestion to not accord special status to any states any more, YS Jagan read out a copy acquired by YSRCP MP YV Subba Reddy regarding the same according to which “Special status for northeastern states was not withdrawn as there was no proposal to withdraw it”

“The 12th planning commission made no comments on Special status category but the 14 did not make distinct division between special and general category”

Basing on this YS Jagan said. The planning commission is no authority or right to decide the accordance of special category Distribution of taxes between the states, and distribution of revenues fall under the Planning commission It’s National Development Council (NDC) that decides the special category accordance headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The government can scrape 64-year-old Planning Commission” but cannot accord special status to AP. In this 15 months, we (YSRCP) have met PM twice, home minister and finance minister four times and railway minister thrice as the center division also involve his ministry.

I had fasted in Mangalagiri for 2 day regarding the same issue

Now we are staging this dharna with 67 MLA’s, 7 MPs, and 7 MLCs

We blame BJP and Congress

It has been 15 months and Congress has made no demands regarding this issue

I am sitting in the opposition, This demand is favorable to the ruling party or me?

I never stopped Chandrababu Naidu coming here nor stage Dharna demanding special status in Parliament

Chandrababu Naidu is intentionally staying away

We asked Chandrababu to Convene a all part meeting and lead an all-party delegation to Delhi.

Why is he continuing his MPs in the ministry when the Center hasn’t kept up its promise.

He himself is involved in scams, In the recent incident he was caught red-handed with crores and crores unaccounted money in cash-for-vote

Chandrababu Naidu has no guts to speak on this issue

He compromised on various fronts for his self interest
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