Special Status alone is Public Demand

Vijayawada: The question, what
did Chandrababu achieve by spending Rs.400 crores?, is the talk of the town. He
did not achieve anything but lavishly spent the public money for his publicity.

The state has lost severely,
thousands of industries were lost, lakhs of job opportunities were lost and to
compensate this loss the promises made by the Prime Minister in the parliament
had to be fulfilled. The people of the state are wishing this to happen and
taking their wish as his responsibility to fulfill the opposition leader YS
Jagan is fighting for Special Status. He protested in Delhi and spread
awareness on the severity of the issue to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi,
Central Ministers and other national level leaders. He expressed the people’s aspiration
in Delhi. When he gave a call for State-wide Strike the people have joined him
voluntarily and expressed their aspiration. When he started the indefinite
hunger strike the people came to Guntur in huge numbers to express their

When the aspiration of the people is so strong on
Special Status, Chandrababu is repeatedly talking about Special Packages
without mentioning about the Special Status. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi
did not mention anything about the people aspired Special Status nor did he
mention about Chandrababu desired Special Packages. With this the Rs.400 crore fete
just evaporated.


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