Special session, voting must for Bill: YSRCP

 Hyderabad, Dec 15, 2013: The
President’s note to take the opinion of the members and the assembly tantamount
to voting on the draft Bill and the Speaker should ensure that the views of the
legislators and the mood of the House is taken accordingly, YSR Congress has
said and demanded that the issue should be taken up in a special session as
this is a historic occasion.

“President Pranab Mukherjee writing
a note on the draft Bill, to take the views of the members and opinion of the
Assembly is a clear pointer to the State Government to thoroughly discuss the
issue and go in for voting on the Bill which will give a clear picture for the
Parliament to take up for further discussion,” party senior leader Dr MV
Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Sunday.

Our Party demands that the Speaker
should follow the best practices of parliamentary democracy and give enough
time to the members for discussing the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation
Bill-2013(draft) and this could be done only when a special session is convened
with the single point agenda. The President’s note which has asked to take mood
of the House means that there needs to be voting and the result should be sent
back to Delhi, he said.  

We have given notice to the Speaker
under rule 77 for moving a resolution on a united State after discussion and
other Parties too have given similar notice which the Speaker has admitted. “We demand that the Speaker should
allow discussion giving enough time to every member who wants to express his or
her view on the subject and finally go for voting to get a comprehensive
summary of the proceedings. Since this is historic Bill and the matter has to
be further discussed in the parliament, there need not be any whip and the
members can vote as per their conscience,” he said.

Unless there is a special session
all members who want to air their views will not get a chance to speak and
unless there is a voting the mood of the House will not be known and the
Speaker should conduct himself in a way that would uphold the dignity of the
Chair and he should follow the President’s note in the true letter and spirit.

Taking objection to the way in which
the draft Bill copies have come to town and was cleared at a quick pace, he
said, a secretary in the Union Home Ministry has no right to interfere with the
administration of the State. He is within his right to handover the copies to
the Chief Secretary and even to Chief Minister and not to all others.

In normal course, the Bill take four
to five days to reach to the Speaker’s Secretariat from Chief Secretary, but
here it got the clearances of four Department heads, went to the Chief
Minister, to the Governor and back to Chief Minister who sent it to Speaker,
all in a hurry in just 10 hours as they burnt the midnight oil going against
the Service rules. Working at the behest of Centre, giving a go by to the
rules, is against the federal spirit, he said.  

Chief Minister, who claims to be the
champion of Samaikhyandhra, has yielded to the pressure of Digvijay Singh and
Centre by sending the draft Bill to speaker at a high speed. If he is sincere
in what he says he is, he should make it open the run of file from Chief
Secretary to Speaker between Thursday 7.00 pm to Friday 2.00 pm.  

As the Bill is important it needs to
be discussed in a special session and as the President wanted to know the mood
of the House there should be voting and members can vote as per their
conscience and there need not be any whip, he said.


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