Special Category Status Has Been Mortgaged

Kurnool: YSRCP's state general secretary, BY Ramaiah, questioned the Deputy CM KE Krishnamurthy who supported special package, how much his percentage of profit was. Speaking to the media at the party's office in Kurnool, he commented that the state Government had mortgaged the benefits of the state to the centre. He called it shameless of leaders who never spoke for even ten minutes in the assembly to criticise YS Jagan who had been fighting for the special category status from the beginning. He called it ridiculous for the ruling party to pass comments on YS Jagan after unethically buying twenty of his MLAs.
He demanded TDP leaders who were saying they had allotted 30,000 acres in the district, to show how many industries they could get. Commenting that not even foundation shown had been laid in all this period, he questioned what was the purpose of the airport the Government was mentioning when the basic needs of the people were not met. When there were 11 states with special category status in the country, how could the 14th finance commission be presented as an excuse to give AP the special category status, he confronted.
Participating in the media conference were the party's joint secretary Ternekal Surender Reddy, state legal cell's general secretary Karnati Pullareddy, youth wing's district president Raja Vishnuvardhan Reddy, general secretary Raghu and others.

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