Speaker Kodela Makes Sensational Statements About Election Expenditure

Hyderabad: Kodela Siva Prasad Rao’s statements saying he had spent a lot
of money at the time of elections had become a sensation. MLA of Sattenapalli
constituency of Guntur district and speaker of AP assembly, Kodela Siva Prasad
Rao had attracted the attention of everybody with his sensational statements
saying he had spent Rs.11.5 crore in the last elections. This is now the topic
of discussion in political circles as well as judicial circles.

Answering the questions
posed by a news channel journalist, Kodela stated that he had entered politics
in 1983 and at that time he had to spend Rs.30,000 and this amount included
donations from rural areas and people. But in the recent elections, he had to
spend Rs.11.50 crore, he said. To spend such a huge amount, he should have
either done corruption or sold his assets or both. Usually some candidates
borrow it from an MP. “Money has earned a crucial place in politics lately and
this is nothing to feel proud of. People think it is ok to take money from
politicians as they earn a lot of money and politicians think it is ok to go
corrupt in order to earn the money back”, remarked Kodela.

Election commission regulations
pose a limit to the amount of money spent on elections by every candidate of
Loksabha seat or assembly seat. According to the regulations in AP and
Telangana, a candidate of assembly can spend only Rs28 lakh and a candidate of
Lok Sabha can spend up to Rs.70 lakh. In smaller states like Haryana and
Meghalaya, the limit is only Rs.22 lakh and Rs.54 lakh respectively.

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