Sort out spl. status issue with PM

Hyderabad, May 14: YSR Congress has demanded that Chandrababu Naidu should firmly convey the need for special status, irrigation and other issues to the Prime Minister during the ensuing meeting on drought as it becomes more relevant in wake of the Union Minister’s remarks.

‘We demand that the Chief Minister has to raise the important issues of special status, irrigation projects being taken up Telangana government and other issues and seek an assurance as the recent remarks of Union Minister has exposed the duality of Chandrababu Naidu,’ party leader Botsa Satyanarayana told reporters here on Saturday.

The whereabouts of Chandrababu Naidu is not known and no chief Minister would ever leave the station without announcing his tour programme. But we are not sure where to the Chief Minister has headed and where is the need for such a secrecy unless, he went on trip to set right his business affairs in wake of the Panama exposure or the trading of MLAs., he said.

When people are suffering with drought and other issues, Chief Minister going on a holiday without announcing his destination and duration of his absence does not go well in a parliamentary democracy.

Union Minister Sidharthnath Singh, who is the in-charge of BJP in the state has told the media that Chandrababu Naidu did not ask for special status anytime but has only asked to take up the issues mentioned in the State Reorganisation Act shows the duality of the TDP President and the reason for his soft peddling of the issue, he said.

The negative comments on special comments came in the Raya Sabha and the Lok Sabha and the Union Minister said it in our state which makes it clear that Chandrababu Naidu has been bluffing all the time and working against the state interests to promote his personal agenda.

With Prime Minister calling for a meeting on drought, we demand that Chandrababu Naidu should take up the special status, Telangana government blocking the flow of Krishna river waters and other issues, he said. (EOM)

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