Six Of Those MLAs Are In Touch With Us

Nellore: YSRCP MLAs Kakani Govardhan Reddy, Pratap Kumar Reddy and Sanjeevaiah opined that the defectors of YSRCP were now regretting. They confided the victory of Vijay Sai Reddy in Rajya Sabha elections. They made sensational statement that six MLAs were in touch with them and would expose the truth when time came.
YSRCP's state general secretary Nallapareddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy slammed TDP for conducting Mahanadu to merely criticise the YS family. He stated that the place earned by YSRCP in people's heart could never be touched. He spoke against  the corruption taking place in the name of capital city construction. He remarked that Chandrababu was not in favour of honouring NTR with 'Bhart Ratna'.

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