Sitting judge to look into the court proceedings : YS Jagan:

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition, rebuked fire on the opposition party relating to the sex racket issue and stated that the government is playing games with the lives of people. Videos which are not right to see are recorded on the women who were unable to pay the loans and ill-treated the women, Jagan expressed his grief.


The leader of the ruling party count more in the Sex racket and call money case. The MLA Bodella Prasad went abroad with the suspect in this case, wherein the MLA was back leaving the suspect abroad.   Police didn't even question MLA Prasad or arrest him at least while there is no clue left for the A 5 suspect. His brother, Venkanna  is named as accused in the racket but no arrests were made. Though both stay in the same house, still he is not arrested. While on the other side before elections, the leaders boasted and promised about women security, loan exemption and well-being and one phone call would save women, which doesn't match to the situations prevailing in the State now.


 While a target of Rs. 10000 crores has been set to give loans to DWCRA, but the loans offered were only Rs. 3,600 crores. Government is trying to dilute the case of sex racket and call money thought the case is clear. Further, there are no loans provided in Andhra Pradesh and people are coiled in the debts due to high interest rates outside.

Though it is stated that 16 lakhs 25 thousand farmers are supposed to get the loans, only 70 thousand could get the loan and people are going for this loans as the government could not keep its promise. Overall the root cause for all these problems lies with the TDP where the situation should be considered critical and the sitting judge should see that the victims get justice by right court proceedings.

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