By The Side Of The People

YSR Kadapa District: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan's tour in the district attracted people's affection. Followers, leaders and activists of YSRCP received him offering a grand welcome. He toured extensively for two days in the district. He learnt about people's problems and assured them of his support. As part of second day's tour, he reached Ammavarisala in Pulivendula and participated in Dusserah celebrations. He conducted special poojas and then spoke to peanut farmers of Pendlimarri village.

Farmers complained to him that they were being asked to give thumb impression for sanction of seeds' coupons, leading to loss. YS Jagan expressed fury towards the situation. He questioned why should farmers face so many problems for seeds and suggested that seeds should be sanctioned without taking thumb impressions, much to the delight of the farmers of Pendlimarri. Then, he participated in the Praja Ballot programme held at Chennuru on the topic of special category status. He answered all the questions posed to him and proclaimed the importance of special category status to the state.

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