Sharmila resumes Padayatra in Sattenapally

March 4, 2013: Smt.
Sharmila, who has been undertaking Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra on behalf of
YSR Congress Party chief Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, began her walkathon from
Muslim Bazar in Sattenpally town on the 81st day on Monday.

Hundreds of Muslim
brethren attended the Padayatra and presented her a copy of the sacred
scripture Khuran.

She has so far
completed walking a distance of 1120.8 km on 80th day on Sunday after
walking for 5 km.

develops pain in leg

As Sharmila developed
some sort of pain in her recently operated leg, doctors advised her not to walk
speedily and longer distances. Orthopedic surgeon Dr Chandrasekhar conducted
medical tests on her on Sunday and told her not to stress the leg. After that,
she curtailed her Padayatra distance to 5 km yesterday.

She developed pain
after she twisted her leg in order to avoid a person who fell down trying to
shake hands with her Saturday night.

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