Sharmila padayatra created history

Aug 6, 2013:

Sharmila has created a new record by successfully completing the Maro
Prajaprasthanam and achieved the intended goal in exposing the nexus of ruling
Congress and TDP to defame YSR family and could carry out the mass contact
programme in the true spirit.

“The Party congratulates
her as she has rewritten history by undertaking the padayatra, a rare feat for
a woman and she could achieve it fighting against all odds. Maro
Prajaprasthanam had touched the hearts of millions and has ripped open the
nexus vested interests with political forces to keep Jagan away from people,”
party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Monday.

Starting from Idupulapaya
the padayatra ended at Ichchapuram, YSR concluded his padayatra and Sharmila
retracing her father’s footsteps has made political history as she will go into
the annals of the world polity as being the only woman to walk such a distance
and interact with people assuring them that their future is going to be bright
when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy takes over the reins of the state.

On the political turmoil,
he said, the Congress has been playing a double game and there are different
versions from the leaders leading to confusion and turmoil.

There is no clarity on the
issue of Hyderabad and contradicting statements are being issued by the
leaders. While one leader says that Hyderabad will be a Union Territory others
say that it will be the second capital.

“The confusion and chaos
was the creation of the Congress and the TDP that has given its support to the
bifurcation of the state.

Digvijay Singh has said
that the State Assembly has twice passed the resolution on Telangana which is
not a fact. The state assembly has never passed any such resolution and the
in-charge of the state affairs has been bluffing.

On the other hand Undavalli
Arun Kumar has been advocating that the bifurcation cannot happen unless the
resolution is passed in the state assembly. While some of the MPS had stood up for
the seemandhra cause, the ministers are silent which shows the double
standards, he said.

 “Our objection is that the
Centre did not take into account the sentiments and feelings of all the stake
holders,” said. 

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