Section 420 Case Against Deceptive Babu

  • Babu has forgotten promises and deceived people
  • MLAs are being shamelessly bought
  • State’s benefits mortgaged to KCR and to the centre
  • Show slippers to Babu to bring him to senses
  • YS Jagan calls for the people in meeting at Kadiri

Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president
YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu during the public meeting at Kadiri of
Ananthapuram district during the fifth phase of Rythu Bharosa Yatra. He
condemned Babu’s forgetting all the promises he had made to people prior to
elections. He addressed the huge gathering in Kadiri. Here is what he said in
his own words.

I have visited 80 families till now as
part of my yatra. Among the people who ended their lives, 15 were handloom
workers and the remaining were farmers. This is the situation not only in
Ananthapuram, but also in other parts of the state. Who is to blame for it? TDP’s
manifesto said that Babu had to come to power in order for jobs to be given or
the mortgaged gold to come. None of them happened and moreover, the farmers
were pushed deeper in their debts as they had believed in Babu for loan waiver
and stopped paying interest on their loans.

DWCRA women also faced the same kind of deception from Babu. The
mounted interests gave them more burden. No jobs were given after Babu had come
to power in spite of the promise that a job would be given for every household.
The promised stipend for the unemployed is out of question. Why is Babu unable
to give ultimatum to the centre in the issue of the state’s special status? He
is shamelessly and unlawfully buying opposition MLAs, spending Rs.30-40 crore
for each of them.

Why is Chandrababu not confronting the CM of the neighbouring
state, KCR regarding the unlawful projects being built in Telangana? Is it not
because of his being caught in Note for Vote case? The state is in the verge of
becoming a desert due to scarcity of water and the upstream projects. Is it not
just to file cases against Chandrababu under section 420? In Rayalaseema, they
slap cheats with slippers. What does Chandrababu deserve after cheating cores
of the people of the state? He does not even accept criticism and blame. Let us
all unite and bring a change in the system.

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