SCS Possible Only Through United Fight

  • Babu suppresses SCS movement cruelly
  • Statewide protests on January 27 against Babu
  • Let's fight together inspired by Jallikattu and Telangana movements
  • People's Government will be back in two years
  • We will strike off all cases on students: YS Jagan
Hyderabad: Slamming AP CM Chandrababu for suppressing the wish of people of AP, the leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, called for united struggle to achieve special category status. He called for protests to be held throughout the state on the 27th of this month in protest against the brutal behaviour of the Government.

After coming back from Visakhapatnam, he spoke in a press conference arranged at the party's office in Hyderabad. Mentioning the unemployment problem prevalent in the state and the shut down of almost 26,000 small, medium and large scale industries happening lately, YS Jagan opined that sanction of special category status would solve these problems. Criticising that Chandrababu had not only betrayed the people in the matter of the sanction of the status, but also suppressed the peaceful movement that began to express the people's wish in an anti-democratic fashion.

He slammed the arrest of thousands of people who had come to participate in candlelight rally, house arrest of opposition party leaders, dragging leaders away and taking Tammineni Sitaram in police jeep and arrest of communist party leader Madhu.

Mentioning how he was, along with a handful of other YSRCP leaders, had been hindered at Visakhapatnam airport right on the runway by hundreds of policemen, he remarked that such a task would not come under the duties of state police and only the centre had the right to do so. He proclaimed to the policemen working in the state that they should be committed only to their emblem but not the leaders of Chandrababu's Government. He ensured that the cases imposed against innocent student protesters would be waived as soon as YSRCP came to power in two more years and action would be taken against real culprits.

YS Jagan called for protests in all mandal headquarters on January 27 against the Government that had been trying to atrociously water down the struggle for the SCS that was the right of the people of AP. He encouraged people to unite and revolt against the Government, drawing inspiration from the unity exhibited in Telangana movement and Jallikattu movement in Tamilnadu.

Commenting that India would not have attained independence if a leader like Chandrababu had been there at that time, he questioned why the leaders who projected special package as a better option than special category status, had spoken in support of SCS earlier.
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