Scavengers Rule..Capital Construction!

Hyderabad: The YSRCP Spokesperson Vasireddi Padma fired on Chandrababu that he is creating a scavenger rule with the coming up capital construction. She demanded Chandrababu to reveal the plot behind allotting thousand of acres to Singapore Companies in Swiss Challenge method.While speaking in the media conference in the party office she questioned Chandrababu to explain whether it is a native capital or a foreign capital which was being constructed in the State.

She said that 35 thousand acres of highly fertile land which cultivates several different crops was grabbed from the farmers and 50 thousand acres of forest lands were being taken away. She questioned the Government to answer what benefit are they getting from allotting all this land to Singapore Companies. She blamed that instead of serving the public the Government is very eager in planning how to do business with the State Capital Lands.  
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