Save Democracy Activities Moved To The 23rd Of This Month

Telugu Desam Party has come to understand that it failed
miserably in administration, immersed in corruption and defied the promises it
had made to people. Hence it has decided to buy MLAs from the principal
opposition party, YSRCP, with huge amounts of money.

In protest of this degraded activity committed by
Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress Party has called for conducting candlelight
vigils and public meetings in view of saving the democracy on the 25th
of this month at the headquarters of all districts with the name ‘Save

YSRCP has made it clear that the same issue would be taken
to the notice of the president, the Prime Minister, the leaders of all national
parties and the EC.

As the appointment with the president of India, Pranab
Mukherji has seemed to be on the 25th of this month, the ‘Save
Democracy’ activities have been preponed by two days, i.e. the 23rd
of this month. This change is requested to be made note of.

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