Sand Mafia Of Yellow Leaders

Guntur (Bellamkonda): A large scale of illegal transportation of sand has been happening on the banks of River Krishna in the mandal. Local people are disgusted with the unhindered unlawful activity that is being carried out due to the inefficiency of the police, the Government and the revenue department officials and the goony behaviour of the ruling party leaders

Yellow leaders became contractors and are cunningly robbing sand in the disguise of normal people. Digging the river basins at their will, they are shifting the sand in tractors to dumping areas during the day and illegally transporting it from there during night time. They are thus pocketing crores of rupees supported by the negligence of the police.

From the banks in coastal areas of River Krishna in the mandal like Bodhanam, Kethavaram, Kolluru and Chityala, sand is being illegally transported. As the budiness in these areas is controlled by leaders of TDP, officials are hesitating to go there. It is being requested that concerned higher officials must try to prevent this unlawful act.

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