Sand Mafia of Yellow Leaders

East Godavari: Some TDP
leaders who were addicted to earn money from Godavari’s sand since TDP had come
to power are now trying to extract benefits from the free sand scheme too.
Controlling the place and the price of sand digging business, they are robbing
the river bank of Godavari of its reserves. Sand is being transported in
tractors and trucks regularly from these areas in about 1500 vehicles. This
sand is being shifted to bigger vehicles, transported to areas far off and sold
for high costs. Complaints against this are just being ignored.

The agricultural villages in Seetanagaram
mandal adjacent to River Godavari’s left bank in East Godavari district are
referred as ‘Etipattu’. The Free Sand Scheme is not being unbeneficial to the
poor and moreover filling the pockets of yellow leaders. Leaders and officials
of TDP are pocketing crores of rupees regularly by exploiting nature’s reserve.

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