Sai Reddy Introduces Private Member Bill In Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: YSRCP's Rajya Sabha member, V.Vijaya Sai Reddy, is having his voice heard in Rajya Sabha on people's problems and the interest of the state. MP Vijaya Sai Reddy introduced a private member bill in Rajya Sabha on Friday on articles 102 and 191, pertaining to the issue of disqualification of MLAs. He proposed amendments to the articles in his bill.

In light of the assembly speakers' negligence in taking action for years against MLAs despite receiving complaints against them, the articles need amendment, the MP proposed in his private member bill. Twenty of the MLAs who had won from YSRCP, defected the party to join TDP, enticed by Chandrababu's corrupt money. They, as well as the speaker who had failed to keep up his duty by taking action against them, ridiculed the constitution with their misdeeds.

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