Sack Adinarayana Reddy, demands YSRCP

Nandyal: Minister for Marketing Adinarayana Reddy faces anger from the public and the Main Opposition party over his inflammatory comments on the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes. The YSRCP leaders demanded the Government to sack Adinarayana Reddy immediately.
He said the Dalits were unclean, uncouth and uneducated. He said despite several efforts by the Government, they were lagging behind in education. 

Though the reservations have now been extended for 70 years. Yet, the Dalits have shown no improvement. He said there was no effort on the part of the Dalits to change themselves. They are in the same condition, he said.
The YSRCP demands that the TDP minister be sacked and the TDP apologise to the SCs for this.
YSR Congress Party MP Varaprasad and senior leader from the party Merugu Nagarjuna strongly criticised Adinarayana Reddy for his disparaging comments on the Dalits. They said the minister’s comments reeked of caste hegemony and demanded action against him for the comments.They questioned Adinarayana Reddy that how will they show improvement when the leaders like you looting the state.
They have also recalled that even Chandrababu Naidu made similar comments on the SCs in the past.
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