Rs.6000 Crore Corruption in Projects: MLA Peddireddy

Chittoor: YSRCP’s senior
MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy complained that corruption of Rs.6000 crore had
happened in irrigation projects. He specified that unlawful scenario had taken
place in Handri-Neeva and Galeru-Nagari projects. He conducted Palle Bata
programme in Nanjampeta of Somala mandal in Chittoor district. Peddireddy criticized
the Government for deceiving the people of Rayalaseema in tha name of
Pattiseema scheme. He mentioned that water would not be available from the project.
He remarked that about Rs.500 crore had been pocketed through Pattiseema

Peddireddy expressed his concern regarding
the corruption’s controlling the state. He commented that Chandrababu was
bothered about nothing but capital Amaravathi and that real estate business was
being carried out in the name of the capital city. He complained that TDP
leaders shared among themselves the 30,000 acres of land snatched from poor
farmers of the area. Peddireddy also opined that Chandrababu had made false and
impossible promises at the time of elections to attract the people and
forgotten all about them after coming into power.

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