Rs.5000 crore Scam in Power Sector

  • Huge scam in power purchase
  • A scam uncovered directly by the
    Central Government
  • YS Jagan questions the Government
    in the assembly

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition
YS Jagan stated that a scam of almost Rs.4500 crore had taken place in purchase
of electricity. He remarked that Chandrababu’s Government would not change its
ways in spite of the central Government agencies’ directly revealing it. The
TDP Government chose to bluff instead. During the discussion in the assembly on
electricity accounts, YS Jagan explained the details of the scam with numbers.

At present electricity was available
round the clock at Rs.2.71 and at Rs.1.90 during the night time, which means
average cost of electricity was Rs.2.40. Still Chandrababu’s Government was
buying it for Rs.5.11, YS Jagan explained. In a note from central Government
agency Indian Energy Exchange, this act had been criticized, he revealed. He
added that this was being defended shamelessly by the state Government. On this
occasion, he read out all the related numbers.

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