Rs.200 Crore Bribe To Corrupt Babu

Hyderabad: YSRCP leader Lakshmi Parvathi complained that Chandrababu had received Rs.200 crore as bribe from Agrigold. Victims of Agrigold held a dharna at Indira Park this morning. Speaking on this occasion, she called it shameless for ministers to buy the lands while the case was still in the court. Lakshmni Parvathi questioned how Chandrababu could understand the agony of 40 lakh Agrigold victims while he was spending crores of rupees of public money for guest house renovations and 7-star hotel stays. She stated that Chandrababu was not trustworthy, given his corrupt background and requested Telangana CM KCR to at least order for CBI inquiry on the Agrigold lands. YSRCP extended support to Agrigold victims' dharna.

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