Roja lashes out at TDP, TRS and Congress

YSRCP general secretary and MLA Roja lashes out at TDP, TRS and congress. She is campaigning for the party candidate Nalla Suryaprakash for the Warangal by-election participated in the election campaigns at Thorrur, Raghunathpalli, Ghanpur and Palakurthi in Warangal district. 

Reacting strongly against TRS and Congress parties, Roja said that YSRCP alone is the party that has the right to ask votes. The YSRCP MLA said that the ruling government did not accommodate even a single woman MLA into cabinet and even insulted a Dalit MLA by removing him from Deputy Chief Minister's post. 

She dismissed allegations of YSRCP colluding with TRS in the polls and said that these things happen only with TDP. She expressed confidence of Nalla Suryaprakash winning the Warangal Bypolls due to people's faith and trust in the party.
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