Revolt Against Babu's Conspiracies

Vijayawada: "Chandrababu's thirst for lands is increasing by the day", commented YSRCP's official spokesman Perni Nani. He revealed that Chandrababu had been conspiring to sell 1,05,000 acres of land in the name of port industries and to complately uproot 34 villages in Machilipatnam mandal. He stated that the farmers would not even give an acre to Babu, how much ever he tried. He remarked that they were rather ready to give away their lives or be imprisoned.
Nani said that the farmers were ready to give the 4,800 acres of land required by the port, but not an inch beyond that. The Government should pay proper compensation even for that land, he demanded. He cautioned Babu to be ready to face revolt in the matter of port lands.

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