Resolution for Special Status only because of YSRCP’s perseverance

YSRCP’s pressure fructified 
Telugu Desam changed its words

Hyderabad: The YSRCP which is fighting untiringly for Special Status has achieved what it promised. It exerted pressure on the government and made a final resolution possible in the Assembly. The party was successful in making a resolution passed to request Special Status unanimously in the Assembly.

Stage wise fight
The YSRCP has been fighting for Special Status from the beginning, also the party president Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy went to Delhi several times to meet and give request letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Central Ministers. He did ‘Samara Deeksha’ when the State Government did not pay any attention on this matter. Later he also successfully did ‘Maha Dharna’ in Delhi and also successfully organized state wide ‘Bandh’ on 29th of August. Speaking to the Media today evening, he said that the fight on Special Status will not be stopped and assured that it will continue with Assembly as a stage.

Confusion statements by Telugu Desam
The Telugu Desam did not agree to debate on Special Status in the Assembly that easily. Later though it agreed for a debate inevitably, the party men behaved in quite ridiculous manner. Chandrababu tried to create confusion by speaking something and showing something in the announcement note. He also tried to convince by saying that the States that got Special Status did not benefit much. When Opposition Leader YS Jagan spoke authoritatively with explanation TDP at last agreed inevitably for Resolution in Assembly. 

YSRCP Fulfilled Promise
During debate on Special Status TDP members tried desperately to deviate it. Including Chief Minister Chandrababu other Senior Leaders have also begun attacking with verbal abuse on personal matters. While giving answers to their false allegations Jagan explained the subject of Special Status elaborately, he explained the benefits, the importance and the possibility of achieving Special Status. At one stage, Jagan asked if Telugu Desam had courage to ask the Centre for timelines to announce Special Status and questioned them if they have courage to call back their Central Ministers back if they cannot achieve Special Status within the timelines. With this the Government surrendered and agreed to pass resolution in the Assembly for requesting for Special Status.
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