Repair your mindset, Babu!

  • CM has to bow his head in shame
  • Babu does not deserve to talk about women
  • ASHA workers lost their jobs
  • Anganwadi women face his tyranny
  • Deception to Dwakra women
  • No action against ministers for abusing women
  • YS Jagan slams Chandrababu in the assembly
  •  Assembly: YSRCP president and leader of opposition in AP YS Jagan commented that CM Chandrababu did not deserve to talk about women. He criticized Babu for quoting a proverb that a mother-in-law would not object if her daughter-in-law wanted to give birth to a male child. YS Jagan opined that it was hilarious for a person using this sort of proverbs to talk about gender equality. He condemned Chandrababu for engaging his leaders to abuse YSRCP members for their raising objection to the Government’s misdeeds.

     YS Jagan mentioned that it was too much to say that he was involved in conspiring to defame minister Ravela Kishore Babu when his son had clearly misbehaved with a woman and got beaten up by the public. YS Jagan strongly condemned Chandrababu for letting Ravela continue as a minister. He mentioned that a member of this very legislative house had spoken in a programme about women in a degraded manner and that national media also was talking about it. YS Jagan suggested that the ruling party leaders and ministers had to check themselves before speaking to their will in front of the microphones. Only then would the system be fixed, stated the opposition leader. He particularly suggested that Chandrababu had to repair his mindset.

    YS Jagan commented that ASHA workers lost their jobs once Chandrababu came to power. Anganwadi workers suffered loss of jobs for requesting raised pay. He promised to pay Rs.1383 crore of interest on behalf of dwakra women. But they had actually enjoyed loans without interest before Chandrababu had come to power, specified YS Jagan. He recollected that late Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy had sanctioned loans to dwakra women with 0.25% rate of interest and totally waived it off later while Chandrababu now sanctioned the loans at 12-14% rate of interest.

    YS Jagan slammed Babu for totally ignoring the promise he had made to dwakra women about waiver of Rs.14200 crore. He criticized Babu’s announcing sanction of only Rs.3000 and that too as loan for investment. He mentioned that Chandrababu deceived them by asking them before elections not to pay interest. YS Jagan opined that Chandrababu was responsible for the dwakra women paying 2% interest to banks.

     SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) had stated that only 12.42% of the dwakra groups were graded ‘A’ and 52.31% were in grade ‘D’. Jagan suggested Babu to check the status of the dwakra women in his SERP website.

     YS Jagan commented Chandrababu’s mentioning special cabs for the security of women. The centre had tightened security measures as the multinational companies brought special cabs. It installed GPS in every cab and passed regulations to all the companies. Telangana also had implemented ‘she cabs’ in GMR airport. So the system mentioned by Chandrababu was already in use. So why was he boasted as if this idea was his brainchild, questioned leader of opposition YS Jagan.

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