Renuka, Geeta condemn smear campaign

June 15, 2014: Strongly condemning the defaming campaign by some individuals against
YSR Congress party leader Smt. Y.S. Sharmila in social media websites and
portals, party MPs Butta Renuka and Kothapally Geeta said strong actions is
necessary to stop such crimes against women. 

to reporters here on Saturday, Renuka and Geetha said they would stand by Smt. Sharmila
in her fight against the elements that had launched a smear campaign against

Sharmila is our party leader who undertook a Padayatra for 3000 km. Some people
are out to damage her reputation as an individual and as a leader. On her
complaint, police had already arrested two persons responsible for that. We
fully stand by her in her fight against such elements,” Geeta said, adding that
such defaming and demoralizing campaigns are not good for the society.  

the campaign by some individuals to defame Smt. Sharmila, Renuka said such
nefarious activities should not be allowed by the law enforcing agencies under
any circumstances.  

will go ahead only when women are respected by all sections of people. Social
media also should behave with responsibility,” she said added: “Rumor-spreading
and defamation campaigns must not be allowed.”

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