Relentless Fight For Special Status Of AP

New Delhi: YSRCP’s general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP V.Vijay Sai Reddy
specified that the party would be committed in its fight for special status of
AP. He slammed AP CM Chandrababu for stating that special status was not any
wonder drug and the state did not need it. He reminded how YSRCP had been
fighting for the special status since the last two years under the leadership
of the party’s president YS Jagan and added that the struggle would continue
until the status was achieved. He spoke during the discussion on private bill
introduced in this regard in the Rajya Sabha.

“It is true that residuary
AP state had to face injustice as much as it is true that the united state of
AP was bifurcated. I thought this discussion would bring out some crucial legal
points and the law and the finance ministers would answer them. It is
unfortunate that they are not resent in the house. Two days back, the finance
minister stated that it was not possible to conduct this discussion in Rajya
Sabha as this amendment bill was a finance bill. In fact, when state reorganization
bill was accepted in 2014, it needed an amendment but that was not taken care
of. All the members of the house are well aware of this. Then how can the
amendment be considered as finance bill? The ruling party may consider it as
finance bill due to political and technical reasons. But, actually this is nor
financial. The amendments have an opportunity according to the constitution’s
article 4. In fact, every bill
has some or the other financial connection. In that case, 70-75% of the bills
are money bills. When the original enactment of passing the bill was not
considered financial, how can an amendment to it be considered so? I appeal to
you to allow voting in the house in this regard”, spoke Vijay Sai Reddy.

He went on to speak, “When
discussion happened about AP reorganization bill in Rajya Sabha on the 20th
of February in 2014, the PM made certain promises. One of them was special
status to the state. The PM himself suggested that special status was to be
given for 5 years. Then Venkaiah Naidu suggested that 5 years was too short of
a time and hence 10 years of special status would be justified. Finance
minister remarked that the Government was always there while parties keep
coming and going. If that is true, why does the present Governmnt not realise
the promise made by the then Prime Minister? In case the promises are not
realised, I doubt if it can be considered as violation of the rights of the

Vijay Sai Reddy
further said, “Coming to the topic of secial status of AP, BJP and Telugu Desam
mentioned in their respective election manifestos about bringing special status
to the state for 10 years. PM Narendra Modi himself mentioned in Tirupati’s
rally and Visakhapatnam’s meeting that special status would be sanctioned for
10 years. But the CM of Andhra Pradesh totally shifted gears and stated that
special status was no wonder drug. Of course, it is a Sanjeevani for the people
of AP. Hence it has to be sanctioned. Please see to it that the promises made
at the time of bifurcation are realised”.


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