Release input subsidy immediately: YS Jagan

Pulivendula (YSR Kadapa dist), May 9: The faulty system of input subsidy should be corrected and the TDP government should consider the plight of farmers with humanitarian ground and provide a minimum subsidy of over Rs 50,000 and come to the rescue of banana and papaya farmers, Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said.  

Addressing the farmers at Nallapureddy palle after visiting the damaged crops in various mandals of Pulivendula constituency, he said: ‘The computation of the input subsidy is faulty and even the amount accounted for is not paid. We shall jointly fight and you will be part of the struggle in attaining the goal.

The input subsidy for the year 2013-14 was computed but not a single rupee was given and for the year 2014-15 though the amount was pegged at Rs 1,500 cores by the officials the cabinet has brought it down to Rs 1,000 cores and further scaled it down Rs 692 croes and it was not paid in full.

The next year data is being collected but we do not know how much will be given or whether it will be given or not. You should play your role in getting the compensation and input subsidy and the join the fight.

We will write to the officials and chief minister to provide adequate compensation and we ask the government to provide at least Rs 50,000 as input subsidy and compensation immediately on humanitarian grounds, he said.

The banana plantation farmers are getting meagre input subsidy of Rs 10,000 while the cost has run up to Rs 1.5 lakh per acre and that of papaya works out to more than Rs 70,000.

The state should come to the rescue of the famers on humanitarian grounds, he said.

The crop insurance should be computed by taking village as a unit and not mandal as a unit, he said.

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