Reject TDP, says Jagan

Nandyal, Aug 21: Reaffirming that the by-poll will be a precursor to
the 2019 general elections, YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has asked the voters to reject the corrupt TDP which has
went back on the poll promises and vote for change to pave way for
ushering in the golden era of YSR by the Navarathnas which will touch
all sections of the people.

Rounding off his electioneering here on Monday, he said, ‘Nandyal will
be made in to a district and the state will have 25 districts to
decentralize administration and the ease of implementing the welfare
measures under Navarathnas. Besides carrying forward the legacy of
YSR, I do not go back on the promise unlike Chandrababu Naidu who
never fulfilled any of the poll promises.

The overwhelming response you have shown to me has sent shivers down
the spine of Chandrababu Naidu and his fear came to the fore when said
that Jagan has no other work than going around Nandyal. This is ample
proof that he has neglected this constituency and has come to town
only because of the by-poll.

Setting the record straight, the Leader of Opposition said, ‘in the
earlier by-poll to Nandigama constituency YSR Congress did not field a
candidate on compassionate grounds and Chandrababu Naidu did not go to
that place. Now he has come here and is seeking votes only because we
have fielded a candidate.

On earlier occasion when he came to Kurnool on Independence Day he has
promised that he will bring in airport, IIT, Smart City, super
specialty, textile clusters, Urdu University and others but not a
single one has come up. Gundrevula Project was also promised but he
did not even consider the promise later.

This by-poll is a battle between injustice and justice, deception and
credibility and I appeal to you to take the right side. The elections
should set a trend by rejecting the cheats and the leaders who do not
keep up the promises and remember people only with the onset of
elections. If the opportunism of the ruling party is not checked now,
he will turn bold and come to town next time and promise moon.

‘I appeal to the electorate to vote for YSR Congress fan symbol and
reject TDP which will show the resentment of the people against the
3.5 year governance of Chandrababu Naidu, he said.

Being in possession of the ill-gotten wealth, Chandrababu Naidu and
his men will be roaming around freely distributing cash and seeking
votes in the name of God. Use your discretion and be on the side of
justice and be prudent, he said.

He must be having money power and muscle power but what I have is the
legacy of YSR and your total faith in me that I will not go back on my
word. Development of Nandyal will be my priority and I assure you that
Nandyal will be one of 25 districts in the coming days and Chandrababu
Naidu has demolished many structures and paid meager amount as
compensation while the market value is many times higher.

I assure you that the difference between what he has paid and the
market value would be paid after the general elections so also the
Autonagar issue will be solved amicably, he said and appealed to the
electorate to vote for change which should begin from this by-poll and
Nandyal win should be a historic event.

Though Agrigold and Keseava Reddy institutions affected people are
seeking justice the state is unable to solve their problems as the top
people of the two institutions are close to Chandrababu Naidu and his
coterie. But in the coming days justice will prevail, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu has promised waiver of loans to farmers and DWACRA
groups, jobs to every house, unemployment stipend, lands and houses to
the poor. He did not fulfill even a single poll promise and now he is
seeking votes with the same promises and is misusing official
machinery but we should be undeterred.

‘I humbly appeal to you to vote for our candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy
and the party symbol fan to set a trend of rejecting unscrupulous
leaders,’ he said.

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