Reject TDP, allies, others; give YSRCP full mandate

Palakonda: Virtually setting the tone for 2019 elections, YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the people to reject Congress, BJP, TDP and Jana Sena as they were all part of great betrayal during the division of the state depriving the state of Special Category Status (SCS) and we have to sweep all the MP seats for better bargaining power.
Addressing a mammoth public meeting here on Wednesday as part of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra the Leader of Opposition said, ‘During the State division, Congress has written that SCS shall be given instead of a definite should be given, while Narendra Modi, Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan had said that the special status would be given during 2014 elections and all of them have betrayed us.
 Enough is enough. There is no need to further believe them. Simply reject them at hustings and give YSR Congress a full mandate. We will give support any dispensation that categorically gives a written assurance of according SCS which will result in more investments coming in, more industries coming up and employment opportunities growing up immensely that will be beneficial to the youth in a big way.’
Chandrababu Naidu has been busy moving around to various places and the script is the same in 2014 polls and the ensuing 2019 polls as well. While it was Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan who promised SCS during the earlier polls, now the players have changed in the garb of Congress leaders but the script is the same while Chandrababu Naidu and his lies are the common factor then and now.
‘I appeal to the people to reject these elements that cannot keep their word and come in to open only before polls and make promises and never keep them up. We shall win all the 25 Parliament seats which will give us the strength to bargain any dispensation that comes to power at the Centre. We will not settle for anything short of SCS and other promises made during the division of the
State and all Titli Cyclone victims will be getting their due share which Chandrababu Naidu has denied for long,’ he said.
While corruption has been rampant and governance has gone for a toss ignoring the people’s problems, Chadnrababu Naidu has been engaged in boat racing, air shows and trips to various state capitals trying to give an impression that he is trying to cobble a coalition.
The two coalitions of UPA and NDA already exist and he is a junior partner who attained the notoriety of being a jumping jack by swinging from NDA fold to the UPA lap for his survival and personal gains.
Chandrababu Naidu has never done social justice to any sections other than his coterie that includes, YS (Sujana ) Choudhary, CM Ramesh, Rayapati Samabasiva Rao, Narayana , Lingamaneni and others in various ways as he has corporatized the governance.
While tamarind is purchased from local tribals at Rs 55 per kg, it is being sold by Chandrababu Naidu’s family run Heritage outlets at Rs 390 per kg which shows his mercantile agenda. While YSR had nearly completed majority of the projects, Chandrababu Naidu has failed to complete the little pending works and has been coming to town only before polls.
‘Reject such people and his allies as they are responsible for the lack of growth in the state and corruption from top to bottom,’ he said and appealed to the people to YSRCP to give a decisive mandate.

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